There lies a devil under my bed,
He listens to my heart beat,
My breathing and silent prayer,
He feeds of my shivers
and my mounting fears.
As I pulled the sheets closer,
I could hear him inhaling,
Savoring my scent and sweat
As I prayed the Lord’s Prayer.

I told my dad of the monster,
He took a peak once
But he didn’t see
For the devil moves swiftly
And as he bent down under the bed,
Daddy didn’t see,
The devil swung and floated
Right above me.

I told my mother once
And she told me the monster under my bed
Are a pile of my dirty laundry.
As she picks up my soiled clothes,
Scattered all around my room,
She didn’t even noticed
The devil licking my dangling toes.

Nobody even woke up at night
When the devil lift me off the ground.
Nobody even heard a thing
When the devil whispered profanities in my ear.
Nobody even believed
The thing that everyday I feared.

Then finally one day, when my brown eyes turned grey,
And with the devil’s promise of peace,
I took the longest knife –
One after the other I stabbed
First my mom and then my dad.


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