There is a storm brewing within

And we are all perfect storms

At the right time, at the right place.



I refer to myself as Kat. I love reading books and writing. This site is solely for the purpose of satisfying the writer in me and I hope anyone who comes across this page find solace to the idea that we are all hurting and we are human.

I usually write down my musings, nonsense as it may seem, yet, with a sliver of hope, some might find the wanderings of my curious soul relatable. The poetry I write may be based on experience and some are just a product of my wild imagination usually answering questions such as “What if..”. My poetry does not necessarily follow a strict prose. I usually write to my hearts’ content, words flooding the screen.

The Random and Rants section is all about  my opinion on things. I have to admit I have very few entries here as I find poetry as my go to. It is easier for me to write my emotions and ideas in a poem, hiding the obvious with word play rather than being upfront and blurt it all out. This year, I plan on writing at least one entry per month in Random and Rants.

Another Section you might want to invest time in is the Book Review. As a book lover who hates spoilers, this section has very few plot give aways. I try to assess books based on how they make me feel and the impressions a book has left me rather than focus on the plot or summary.

I hope you have fun browsing through my page just as I had fun writing.



If you are on this page, then you might want to give me a piece of your mind. Don’t hesitate to contact me via my email or leave a comment. I’d welcome some rants too.

Hearing anything from a reader means the world to me.


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